Spread of covid-19 virus in aerosol generating procedures

I wount to ask about the distance (how far )of covid-19 virus that can be reached on aerosol generating procedures.

Thanks. My state rep, yes, a legislator with a degree in public administration, suggested a cough sends “far more than 6 feet” in a public forum. What would folks here suggest as answer to above?

Dentists are utilizing all CDC recommendations for dentistry. If you’re asking re: flushing of wounds, or in the OR, the CDC.org site has one called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 101 mentioning ED or OR aerosolization. Still studying length of virus life while aerosol- leaning heavily toward it living 2-3 hours w/droplets living 3 hours on hard surface. This article covers some: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/16/coronavirus-can-become-aerosol-doesnt-mean-doomed/ , yet it is from March. There may be newer information by now. Best wishes.


This is a brief review essay. Unfortunately some of the citations they heavily rely upon are not English-language which makes detailed vetting of them problematic.

The bottom line - the distance of actual disease-spreading aerosols depends on the specific procedure being considered. There is no clear definition of what qualifies as an AGP. For example, bronchoscopy and colonoscopy are often both considered and AGP, but clearly have different patterns of viable virus distribution & therefore transmission risk.

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Update: The aerosol of covid-19 hangs around awhile according to new reports from the CDC.
I would imagine one would not be able to determine how far this is from the patient’s face as of yet.

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