ICU Liberation During COVID-19

SCCM’s ICU Liberation Committee is interested in how you are using the ABCDEF Bundle in patients with COVID-19? We want to discuss barriers and strategies to optimize performance with the below questions:

  1. What are the challenges are you experiencing when assessing these patients for pain?

  2. What is challenging about treating their pain?

  3. What nonpharmacologic pain treatments are you using in the isolation environment?

  4. Are you doing anything different related to SAT/SBT timing and operations in patients with COVID-19-related Acute Respiratory Failure?

  5. How are you handling delirium in these patients?

  6. How is your own or other healthcare workers’ PPE affecting delirium assessments and management?

  7. What manifestations of delirium are critically ill COVID survivors experiencing?

  8. How are you implementing mobility/ exercise in COVID-19 patients?

  9. What creative ideas do you have to mobilize ICU/PICU patients as soon as possible?

  10. How do you enhance family presence when visitor restrictions are in place?

  11. What are you doing to support the patients when visitor restrictions are in effect?

  12. What are you doing to support the families when visitor restrictions are in effect?

It’s so hard to do the best things for these patients since it’s hard to hear in those rooms, you’re always in a rush to go in and out (limit exposure time) and you miss the whole team’s input including the family. So all these aspects are different. Feel we are oversedating, overprescribing for delirium. Fortunately our PT/OT folks are super engaged.

Has anyone developed a process for managing the opioid withdrawal in COVID patients who have been on prolonged opioid infusions?

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