ICU Configuration Strategies: How Are You Adapting Your ICU

How are you configuring your ICUs in the COVID-19 response? SCCM will soon be publishing a paper that takes a deep dive into how ICUs can be configured differently with focus on improving workflow and minimizing providers exposures to aerosolized and droplet SARS-COV-2.
We want to hear from those in field: what measures have you put in place and how well (or not so well) have they worked?

Did you move infusion pumps out of the room, and – if so – what precautions were needed? Did you come up with any creative DIYs such as using baby monitors to better hear alarms? What adjustments did you make to rounds or to your family communication protocols?

We hope our ICU configuration paper will be a “living document” and that we can curate ideas to help others apply lessons today or prepare for the future.

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We need ante rooms and do not have them–we are looking into portable ante rooms. More importantly we are trying to design"clean" and “dirty areas” Clean areas will allow staff to doff in dirty areas and then proceed to clean areas where they can chart,eat and leave. "dirty areas are areas in which ppe is worn and charting and work can be done.

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We have a novel approach to CPR that we describe here:

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