CoVID-19 Ways to Preserve PPE

Please discuss here methods being utilized at your facility or ideas you may have for preserving PPE (including simple masks/face shields as well as N95 masks).

In our facility for the COVID19 role out patients we allow one nurse, and one provider (fellow or attending) to evaluate the patient we wear the regular yellow or blue surgical mask, gown, and gloves, also the PPE always kept in one place with the Clark to make sure it is used for the right person By the right person.
For COVID 19 confirmed patients we use negative pressure room, we wear gown, N95 mask covered by surgical mask, or PAPPER mask, goggles, shoe cover and double gloves, The nurse is responsible for guiding the provider through the process of donning and doffing to make sure that by covering the N95 by another mask and not touching It by dirty hand that we might be able to reuse it again.

  1. Our current policy is we get 1 face mask on entry to the hospital we are expected to wear THROUGHOUT the day while in clinical workspaces.
  2. In the unit, we get N95 and a dedicated re-usable goggles (which is designated as the fellow/attending).
  3. For each room with precautions, we use the above 2 (depending on aerosol vs no aerosol), yellow gown and gloves. On exiting the latter 2 are removed and thrown away.
  4. In between persons, we designate a ‘clean’ place to lay the N95 and goggles down, so as to be re-used later.

Hope this makes sense. Happy to clarify

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