COVID-19 Abnormal Clotting with Severe disease

Endothelial damage and subsequent clotting is common in severe disease. In China, this has been anecdotally seen and treated with anticoagulation. Please share any experience.

Not only anticoaglation but thrombolytics should be considered strongly. Autopsy showed massive clotting in the lungs but pulmonary membranes basically normal. This would suggest perfusion problem as opposed to ventilation in the lung. Teenagers with Covid have redness and blisters on their toes consistent with trash toe we see in peripheral vascular disease patients. The problem we are fighting is the clotting.

Could the redness & blisters on toes be due to the newest symptoms in teens and younger similar to Kawasaki’s? Rather than just peripheral vascular disease. Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Potentially Associated with COVID-19.

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